Viagra is a champion among the drugs that allow men to believe in their power once again. The customers order Viagra in spite of the emergence of many other drugs that serve the same purpose. This fact can be explained by Viagra’s guaranteed result. So, the main benefit of Viagra is its high affectivity despite the impotence cause. The impotence that is caused by psychological problems or circulatory disorders is easily treated by means of Viagra generic. You may rely on its help and guaranteed result if you will follow instruction. A lot of men who had used it said that they would not even dare to hope for such a high efficiency.

As a result Viagra quickly has gained its popularity. However, it also has a big minus – a high price. A cheaper but not less effective drug – Viagra generic was created on the basis of Viagra in order to make it affordable to the majority of man. It should be mentioned that all generics are the complete analogues of the original preparations, but are significantly (several times) cheaper.

Despite the great availability due to their cost, generic drugs are not worse than the original ones. For example, the name “Viagra” is registered by “Pfizer” company. This is not only the restriction on the use of the name, but it also makes the buyer to pay for popular brand. Viagra generic is a complete substitution of famous Viagra. If to compare such basic quality parameters as duration and composition, you will see that they are the same. The most important and significant difference of Viagra generic is its price.

As a rule, the effect of Viagra generic lasts for about 4 hours. The erection appears in the presence of sexual desire and stops after sexual intercourse. At first, you should take Viagra generic under doctor’s supervision. The first recommended dose is 50mg. Later on you can adjust (to increase or to decrease) it according to your needs. It’s recommended to take the drug before meal in order to feel its effect already in 30-45 minutes.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug should be discussed with your doctor. However, you should know that side effects are almost not observed in case of proper administration and dosage.

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Erectile dysfunction is a disease which can make the life of any man grey and unhappy. Nowadays so many men ask for medical help because can’t achieve and maintain good erection. It upsets not only men but their wives and lovers too. Luckily, there is a right solution for this problem. Medicine has gone so far that a man can take only one pill and be sure of his potency for 36 hours. Of course, it is Cialis. It is a well-known fact that the development of tablets for erectile dysfunction started in the middle of XX century with Viagra discovery.
Men can try to train muscles of the penis with the help of special physical exercises. They are especially effective for erectile dysfunction prevention and at the first stages of disease.
First, strain the muscles of this region in a standing position, as if you hold the urine, then – sitting and in the end – lying. This exercise is recommended to be practiced 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes.

No doubt, exercises are good but they can’t cure erectile dysfunction or impotence. That’s why one should try special medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

How to choose the most suitable one?
If you are concerned about the problem of premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), it is advisable to pay attention to the drug Duloxetine (Priligy), this is the best medication available today!

Sometimes people buy Viagra or Levitra when they have premature ejaculation. It isn’t correct because these drugs will not help to get rid of the problem. They are for erection only.
The rest either copy them or try to approach them. Thus it makes no sense to use any of the clones and it is better to stay at one of the proven solutions in pharmacology.

What effect do you expect?
1) Quick reaction. If you need a “psychological and physiological insurance in case of failure,” Levitra will be the best choice (it becomes active within 10-15 minutes after the intake) and drugs with a word “soft” in the name – Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft. These drugs begin to act within 15-20 minutes and a man can have sex almost immediately after the intake.
2) Long-lasting effect. The champion of this category is Cialis. 36 hours for having sex any time. It is a perfect “weekend” pill: one tablet – two days of effect.
3) Side effects. All of these medications have minor side effects. As a rule, they pass quickly and do not cause much harm.

How to buy?
Millions of men buy Viagra, Levitra and Cialis Online. Why? Because it is more convenient and completely anonymously. One can buy these drugs in any country of the world. Use tags Cialis UK, Cialis USA, Cialis Canada, Cialis Russia in the search service and find what you need!

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